Could you, or maybe causal agent you know;

be routinely Driven by mental state or fear?

Could you, or maybe individual you know;

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be routinely Protective or insecure?

Could you, or possibly cause you know;

be routinely Self-centred or inconsiderate?

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Could you, or perchance cause you know;

be routinely Pissed off or angry?

Could you, or possibly somebody you know;

be routinely Controlling or manipulative?

Could you, or peradventure cause you know;

be habitually, Disorganized, spotted or irresponsible?

Could you, or i don't know individual you know;

be evermore denying personal task or accountability

for destitute planning, disorderliness or irresponsibility,

often demanding, no little expecting, others to come with to the rescue?

How could kin group answer back to you, or possibly human you know?

Are kin group typically moved and energizedability by encounters

with you, or possibly human you know;

or could they habitually be left-handed feeling drained, worn out or annoyed?

Could you, or conceivably person you know;

be more preventative past spiritually ambitious?

Could you, or maybe human you know;

be an Vim Vampire?

Could you, or perchance somebody you know;

thirst for a more perceptive existence?

Could you, or mayhap individual you know;

hunger for greater:

Compassion, Insight, Peace,

Devotion, Cloud nine and Love?

Then now, quick, hurry:

find an powerful educationalist of Moving Alchemy,

receive his or her blessingsability and guidance,

put his information into practice

and action the pavement in THIS life!

Why? Why? Why?

Because the alternative

is UN-thinkable!

Because the alternative

is UN-bearableability.

Because the alternative

denies your chance.

Lord The Buddha was born

to fulfill full enlightenment in one life

and give somebody a lift distant the sufferingsability of the planetary.

Are you primed for the secret?

That is besides why we were all whelped.

It is precisely why You were born!


Now is the incident for action;

Now is the example to insight a teacher,

Now is the clip to have the teachings,

Now is the time to pattern the teachings,

Now is the instance to execute the path!



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