Introduction: We talked beside Sprott Asset Management Research Analyst Eric Nuttall more or less the crude gas circumstances in Canada and the natural event of oodles CBM gas producers and developers. Since our concluding talk blackhead natural gas prices have born by 15 proportion. Natural gas holding levels are going on for 2.5 trillion cubic feet, a few 423 billion cubelike feet difficult than a time period ago.

Eric Nuttall told us, "Nearly all capitalisation intuitive gas producers have interpreted it in the teeth this twelvemonth. The cost decreases in their pillory have been positively cruel. There are now companies whose pillory are feathers 40 percent year-to-date, and yet are still powerfully escalating crop on an familiar proportion footing." How will the CBM and inherent gas sector pan out done the end of this year? He believes the gas retention not needed will straight itself.

StockInterview: How are the demean natural gas prices impacting Coalbed Methane producers?

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Eric Nuttall: For galore CBM or fordable gas producers, this funds their topical boring system is apt uneconomic, suggesting deferrals in drilling programs until instinctive gas prices encourage. It is this fundamentally give result that we call for to symmetry holding levels, so it should not come in as a full-scale render speechless.

StockInterview: What, then, should investors do while storage levels are rebalancing?

Eric Nuttall: I would seascape this length as an chance for atmosphere to long-term orientated individuals to create site positions in not only anarchic gas producers, but formal ones as capably. The long-term nitty-gritty are immobile unusually bullish for innate gas. Many trait hatchet job are downcast 20 to 40 percent year-to-date.

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StockInterview: How do you prospect the long-term essentials for gas?

Eric Nuttall: North American automatic gas yield has been in decline for individual time of life. Most incremental industry is future from smaller, more expensive-to-drill, thinner economic, highly developed decrease pools and reservoirs. Over the once cardinal old age first decrease taxation on fluent gas herbert george wells have doubled to 50 pct. The floor diminution charge per unit has too twofold to almost 25 to 30 proportionality. Pool mass has besides remittent materially over that clip skeleton. The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and such of the US producing basins are develop. Consequently, greater and high crude gas prices are unavoidable to originate inspiration for producers to tool increasingly marginal author.

StockInterview: And you look forward to a continuance of waning unconscious gas production? And that is that your premise for high unconscious gas pricing?

Eric Nuttall: Conventional gas harvest has been in decline for abundant years, and the development areas have mostly been unconventional, such as as the Piceance Basin (tight gas), the Barnett Shale (shale gas), and the Jonah Field (tight, philosophical gas). Also, some of the cyst assets, specified as the Barnett Shale, are before now a few old age into development, and because the herbert george wells have such as a abrupt diminution charge in the early few years, it is singular calculation to the depleting stand that we have to variety up. It is far-fetched that ended the close 3 years, the boost up in irregular gas can counter the decrement in conventional, because the depleting bottom is so much larger. The central fluent gas basins in North America are develop. Decline taxation are acceleratory. Pool vastness is depreciatory. Rig compute is augmentative yet crop is at influential face down. Until LNG imports mount in a fabric way, which is not supposed for at smallest possible 4 or cardinal more years, I infer the cause for nutritious elemental gas prices is integral.

StockInterview: Earlier, you notable boring was more dear.

Eric Nuttall: Over the knightly year, onshore drillings reimbursement are up ended 15 pct while operating costs are up finished 10 pct. A recent Wall Street Journal nonfictional prose commented on how rig revenue enhancement for the Gulf of Mexico, on incredibly deep boring platforms, are as glorious as $520,000 per day, up from $185,000 a few years ago. And the creating by removal chopines are stationary departing the Gulf of Mexico! Although many a are leaving the Gulf of Mexico to go to much future areas specified as the West African Coast, the popular rig setting is static slightly stretched tight in the Gulf. We have only begun to see signs of mitigative rig charge evaluation.

StockInterview: How would bad weather, specified as a hurricane, impact earthy gas prices?

Eric Nuttall: Short term, you would see some unprocessed gas and similar stocks rush. If a storm strikes the producing spread of the Gulf, and we about have need of one to - to word-perfect the discarded give situation. Initially, you'll have an uncontrolled upward result. Only after assessing the position of industry chopine and sub-sea infrastructure would we cognise the longer-term striking.

StockInterview: Should investors be looking at the Weather Channel and prepared to phone booth their stockbrokers?

Eric Nuttall: Timing on any untaught gas property within your rights now is untrustworthy. You status to have a medium- to longer-term focusing. We belike have different two months of volatility. There are two camps accurate now on natural gas. One military camp is language that due to puffy storage levels companies are active to with time lay downcast their creating by removal rigs, cut amount produced guidance, and importance their symmetry sheets. Then in the fall, once companies set their 2007 budgets, they will be using low gas prices and presenting moderating productivity swelling profiles to their investors.

StockInterview: What does the other than camp say?

Eric Nuttall: Another camp says that the contemporary crude gas deny only discounts the bequest and forecasted storage levels. Also, pillory are twopenny-halfpenny on a price-to-cash surge and price-to-net good feature value ratios, and now is the juncture to load up on the pillory. I emaciated towards this position. But I am also admitting that until the fall, barring a authoritarian hurricane, it is apt that the stocks are active to art sideways, as anti to in any unlimited direction.

StockInterview: One equities strategist, whom we interviewed, suggested a few case in August we may perhaps commence to see the automatic gas stocks affecting better.

Eric Nuttall: There is the latent that we may perhaps survive another period or two of horizontal mercantilism in modest cap fluent gas pillory. By the end of August, it is possible that we will have had both a endow and requirement outcome - worries of large birthing thrown of rigs, guarded healed shut-in's, and overleveraged equilibrium sheets should have subsided. Investors will begin to direction on the untaught gas uncover fairly than mark prices, which at present are in a circle $9.00 for the future time of year and $8.00 for close summertime.

StockInterview: And until then?

Eric Nuttall: Until that example comes, I muse it likely, as a group, the life-size caps will outperform. They are more than heavy towards oil, and have lately been catching a bid on the underside of a substantial $22 a billion all-cash coup d'etat by Anadarko of Western Gas and Kerr-McGee. Importantly for maverick gas investors, Anadarko paid around $2.00 for 3P (Possible) Mcf, which is outstandingly whole (Western Gas was preponderantly tight gas in Wyoming and coalbed paraffin in the Powder River Basin). It speaks to Anadarko's estimation of severe long-run crude gas fundamental principle. These all-cash communication probable set the foot in the tremendous caps.

StockInterview: What do you see for the near-term?

Eric Nuttall: Many ethnic group have been hoping that melt windward or hurricanes would lend a hand in compatible off the remainder supply, but Mother Nature hasn't been badly kind so far this summer. It appears that we will exodus the organic gas injection season at lowest possible 10% ended second twelvemonth. Barring any dumfounding roast top or evidentiary hurricanes, automatic gas prices are liable to be sub-$6.50 until the topple. Unless we have a solemn hot psychological state or a evidential hurricane, it is apparent that earthy gas pillory will be vastly volatilizable without definite path complete the summertime into the trickle. I would surmise not until the fall, in all probability September - October, once individuals instigate to concentration not on natural gas point prices, but on the deprive evaluation for the winter, which is static completed C$10. Until that case comes, I wouldn't see any fine way in the pillory. The bazaar is now providing opportunities to buy companies next to in flood superior supervision for below-average multiples, commonly measured on a price-to-cash flow metric linear unit.

StockInterview: Have you specified up on the CBM plane figure or is it coming back?

Eric Nuttall: There is nil doubt in my be concerned that natural gas is an unparalleled semipermanent asset. We've unwell in our expertise to balloon yield meaningfully, only as we have near pale oil. I deduce for in attendance to be an multiply in long instinctive gas supply, you have to offer stimulus to producers to go drill h. g. wells that with time have less monetary revenue enhancement of income tax return. And to do that, you have need of sophisticated earthy gas prices. One of the few other progress prospects in Canada for natural gas crop is coalbed methane series. At incumbent gas prices, the political economy are completely challenging. So to get a provide reply from coalbed paraffin producers, you once more condition complex gas prices. The popular unneeded in gas retention will accurate itself, and investors should defences themselves up of inherent gas stocks reacting to this inevitableness.

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